“It is with great pleasure that I get to review Dr. Fisher and her staff, AGAIN! Being a three-time cosmetic surgery patient, some may think I have some sort of plastic surgery addiction, but that is not the case. Rather I, like many women, noticed parts of my body that I wanted to improve for myself and myself only, and Dr. Fisher did just that. She listened to my concerns and delivered the results that I asked for: to still look like myself, only ‘better.’ I can go on and on about how great of a surgeon she is, but that is just one part of the process. Dr. Fisher provided the same personalized experience she did for me four years ago when I first chose her as my surgeon, and this last time around we picked up right where we left off. Appointments were never rushed, and Dr. Fisher always made sure to check up on me emotionally as well, which as a mental-health nurse I highly value. How she can connect to the many clients she sees I will never know, but I can tell that it is one of many qualities that set her above the rest. I could not end this review without saying something about all the staff that I interacted with. I saw Dr. Fisher’s nurse practitioner, Crystal, for a post-op appointment, and she was just as compassionate as Dr. Fisher. She was attentive and listened to my concern about one of my incisions that turned out to be nothing other than me overreacting, but she was very reassuring and explained all options if I were to have a complication. Claire and Danielle were always friendly both on the phone and in person, and they always got back to my questions promptly. Julie was very welcoming during all my appointments, and I think it’s so cool that she is not only a breast cancer survivor but also a former patient of Dr. Fisher’s! Overall, I fully trust Dr. Fisher and her staff with my body, and if I ever feel the need to be a four-time patient, I will be running back to her office and her office only!”

*Real patient testimonial. Results may vary.

2905 San Gabriel Street
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 815-0123

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