Achieve a well-rested, rejuvenated look with the eyelid lift procedure

istock 1198590504 The signs of aging can be troubling for adult men and women. Not only does skin laxity occur, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face, but the eyelids may also sag as they become more relaxed. Patients might also notice the development of bags underneath the eyes that also cause a tired, aged look. With an eyelid lift surgery, many patients can work with our team to reduce sagging eyelids, smooth away bags underneath, and address fine lines and wrinkles in the area.

What is an eyelid lift?

An eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that is commonly used to address sagging skin or wrinkles folds on the upper or lower eyelid. Also known as blepharoplasty, this procedure can provide dramatic results! By removing excess skin and tightening the muscles of the eyes, many patients who have the procedure performed will find that they look younger and more well-rested each day, achieving a restoration of their appearance. The results are natural and long-lasting.

Who is a candidate?

Any patient who wants to focus on the eye area for specific restoration will find that the blepharoplasty procedure might be right for them. With our team of professionals, we can evaluate patients to decide if they are a good fit for blepharoplasty. Patients who have other areas of concern that they would like to treat at the same time can combine procedures for the best final results. Our team will ensure patients are a good fit before moving forward with scheduling surgery.

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At Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, our professionals at 2905 San Gabriel Street, Suite #100, provide the best care possible for those seeking improvement in the skin, face, and body. If you are located in the community and want to speak to our team about the benefits of plastic surgery for the eyes, call us at 512-815-0123 to request a consultation visit. We are dedicated to helping adult men and women look and feel their best with plastic surgery solutions that provide natural, beautiful results!

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