Attain a Firm, Toned Physique With BodyTite in Austin

Oftentimes, working hard in the gym and maintaining a healthy diet will leave you with stubborn pockets of excess fat, even after losing a significant amount of weight. While traditional liposuction can be a great solution for this problem, it can sometimes leave behind excess skin once the fat deposits have been removed. At Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we offer an advanced liposuction technique called BodyTite that can get rid of your stubborn fat while keeping the skin firm and contoured.

What Is BodyTite?

BodyTite is an advanced cosmetic procedure that combines liposuction with radiofrequency (RF) technology to eliminate excess fat deposits without leaving behind loose, sagging skin. The secret to BodyTite is its cannula. In traditional liposuction, the cannula simply suctions away the fat cells.

The BodyTite system uses a cannula with an internal electrode, which is inserted into the treatment area through a small incision. Attached to the cannula, but resting atop the skin, is a metal wand that features an external electrode. The radiofrequency energy is emitted from the cannula tip, and it passes to the external electrode, heating the fat and surrounding tissues without causing any damage to healthy tissue.

While this is happening, the cannula suctions away the liquefied fat. The RF energy that liquefied the fat has heated the dermis (the skin’s second layer), causing the skin to contract and tighten. This helps the skin adjust to its firmer, more toned new contour.

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Benefits of BodyTite

BodyTite is a revolutionary body contouring procedure that can provide all of the following benefits:

  • Removal of stubborn excess fat
  • Leaves the skin firm and tight
  • A slimmer, more toned figure
  • Improved bodily proportions
  • Increased wardrobe options
  • Long-lasting, natural-looking results
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Easier recovery period than traditional liposuction

What to Expect During Your BodyTite Procedure

Your BodyTite treatment process will begin with a one-on-one consultation with one of our skilled plastic surgeons. They’ll use this meeting to learn about your situation, including your specific aesthetic goals, current health, and medical history. This way, they can ensure that you’re a good candidate for the procedure and design a personalized treatment plan.

Your BodyTite procedure will likely be performed using local anesthesia with IV sedation, meaning you will be awake but entirely comfortable and relaxed. To begin, your surgeon will make a small incision in the targeted area. They will then insert the special BodyTite cannula, which will begin emitting radiofrequency energy to heat the excess fat cells. It will then be able to easily suction out the liquefied fat. Once all of the excess fat has been removed, your surgeon will take out the cannula, close the incision with sutures, and bandage the area.

You’ll need to be monitored for an hour or two after the procedure to ensure that you don’t suffer any complications. After that, you can have someone you trust drive you home.

Recovery After Your BodyTite Procedure

Typically, the recovery after BodyTite is slightly quicker and more comfortable than after traditional liposuction. However, there will still be some swelling, bruising, and soreness, and you’ll need to rest for between a few days and a week before resuming your normal routine. Additionally, you should refrain from strenuous exercise or physical activity for at least two to three weeks.

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Who Is a Candidate for BodyTite in Austin?

Adults who would like to get rid of stubborn excess fat but not be left with loose excess skin could be good candidates for BodyTite. The procedure is an excellent option for individuals who have not been able to eliminate their excess fat deposits with dieting and exercise alone. BodyTite can be used to target stubborn fat in various areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and back. To be an ideal candidate for the procedure, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Be in good physical health
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Not be currently pregnant or nursing
  • Be a non-smoker or willing to temporarily quit
  • Be willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure
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Why Choose Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for Your BodyTite Procedure in Austin?

At Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, our all-female team of award-winning plastic surgeons are skilled and experienced in a variety of modern and innovative cosmetic surgical techniques and procedures. Throughout your BodyTite treatment process, we will ensure that you have a comfortable experience that yields exceptional, life-changing results. It’s important to us that our patients are able to feel confident and attractive in their own skin, and we consistently go above and beyond to make that a reality. If you’re ready to learn more or schedule your initial consultation, just reach out to us at (737) 312-3221.

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BodyTite FAQ

How long does the BodyTite procedure take?

How soon will I see the results of my BodyTite procedure?

Are the results of BodyTite permanent?

How long does the BodyTite procedure take?

The BodyTite procedure tends to be relatively quick, typically only taking around 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

How soon will I see the results of my BodyTite procedure?

To see the full results of your BodyTite procedure, you’ll need to wait for the swelling to subside and your skin to adjust to its new contours. On average, this takes around three to six months.

Are the results of BodyTite permanent?

The excess fat cells eliminated with BodyTite can never return, so the results of the procedure are technically permanent. However, to ensure that you keep your physique looking slim and toned, you’ll need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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