Understanding Your Options With Gender-Affirming Top Surgery

Gender dysphoria is when a person feels uncomfortable in their body due to a mismatch between their biological gender and their gender identity. With gender-affirming top surgery, patients can achieve an appearance that better suits the way they feel about themselves. This procedure is important not only for helping patients achieve a certain aesthetic but also for […]

Is Permanent Makeup Right For You?

Many people desire a put-together, polished look. While makeup is not required to achieve this, it can increase a person’s confidence and enhance their facial features. However, this could take precious time out of your busy day. With permanent makeup, you can enjoy the cosmetic looks you love without tediously repeating them daily. If you’re wondering […]

Opt for Plastic Surgery and Recover in Time for Summer

The recovery times for various types of plastic surgery vary based on several factors. Generally, the time it takes for you to be able to go back to work is about a week. However, it takes about six weeks after surgery for you to resume all of your normal activities. If you get plastic surgery during the […]

SkinTyte™: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

You can firm the skin on your body without going through surgery by choosing SkinTyte™ skin-tightening treatment. This treatment utilizes visible light therapy to address fine lines and increase collagen production. It can be used anywhere on the body, though people commonly receive skin tightening treatment on the face, jawline, and neck. If you’re interested in achieving […]

New Year, Beautiful You: Why You Should Consider Plastic Surgery in 2024

You’re always beautiful, but do you want to look better in your own eyes? 2024 could be the perfect time to connect with a plastic surgeon and finally address issues you’ve had about your appearance. While many women have hesitated to get treatment in the past, the tides are turning, and now is the best time […]

Navigating Eye Rejuvenation: Surgical or Non-Surgical Options

Do you find yourself staring at tired eyes in the mirror? The choice between eyelid surgery and minimally invasive treatments like injectables can be overwhelming without a bit of guidance. The experts at Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can help you weigh your options, ensuring you opt for the most effective method based on your unique needs. Blepharoplasty Blepharoplasty, […]

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