Eliminate Submental Fullness With Kybella Treatment in Austin

One of the most common places on the body for stubborn excess fat to accumulate is just beneath the chin, also known as the submental area. Unfortunately, fat in this area tends to stick around for the long haul, even if you have a healthy diet and exercise frequently. However, at Austin Cosmetic Medspa, we offer a quick and easy solution to stubborn submental fat in the form of a cutting-edge treatment called Kybella.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for the removal of double chins. Accumulations of excess fat underneath the chin can obscure the jawline, produce a puffy and undefined appearance, and make a person look heavier. A double chin can also reduce clothing options, be physically uncomfortable, and impact self-esteem.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella utilizes a synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid to target and destroy excess submental fat cells. This naturally occurring molecule aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat in the body. Kybella works to destroy fat cells permanently, allowing them to be removed via the body’s lymphatic system. This process causes double chins to disappear, leaving the neck, chin, and jawline looking firmer, youthful, and more defined.

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Benefits of Kybella

Kybella is a unique, minimally invasive treatment that can provide the following benefits:

  • Elimination of “double chin” appearance
  • Removal of stubborn submental fat
  • Elimination of fat that’s resistant to dieting and exercise
  • A more defined and pronounced jawline and chin
  • Natural-looking results
  • Improved facial proportions
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Permanent results
  • Improved self-confidence

What to Expect During the Kybella Treatment Process

Before your Kybella treatment, the first step will be a quick consultation with one of our aesthetic professionals. They’ll take a look at your submental area and listen to what you’re hoping to achieve with the treatment. They’ll also ask a few questions to make sure Kybella is right for you.

To begin the treatment at our medspa, your provider will apply a topical anesthetic to the area beneath your chin. This will prevent any pain during the procedure. Next, your injector professional will use a very fine needle to inject Kybella into the targeted fat deposits. The deoxycholic acid will then begin destroying the fat cells to eliminate your submental fullness. After the treatment is finished, you can head home immediately.

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What Is the Recovery Like After Kybella Treatment?

Usually, Kybella treatment requires minimal recovery time. Most patients need to wait a day or two before returning to work and their normal routines, and it’s important to hold off on strenuous physical activity for at least a few days. You should also expect bruising, soreness, and numbness for a couple of days and mild swelling for up to two weeks.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Kybella?

Adults dealing with stubborn submental fat could be good candidates for Kybella treatment. The best candidates for Kybella are looking for a non-surgical treatment to get rid of their double chin and attain a more defined and contoured jawline. To be an ideal candidate for the treatment, you should also meet the following requirements:

  • Be in generally good health
  • Not be currently pregnant or nursing
  • Be relatively close to your ideal weight
  • Have realistic expectations for the treatment
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Why Choose Austin Cosmetic Medspa for Your Kybella Treatment in Austin?

At Austin Cosmetic Medspa, we prioritize subtle, natural-looking results with all of our cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. You’ll never need to worry about an unnatural or “overdone” appearance after working with our team of cosmetic professionals. We also provide our clients with a serene, welcoming environment and fully personalized care.  Every day, we strive to help people of all ages feel more confident in their own skin. If you’re ready to take the next step forward in your aesthetic journey, contact Austin Cosmetic Medspa at Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at (737) 312-3221 today to schedule a consultation.

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Kybella FAQ

How long does a Kybella treatment session take?

How many treatment sessions will I need?

How long will it take to see results from Kybella?

Are the results of Kybella permanent?

How long does a Kybella treatment session take?

Your Kybella treatment session should only take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

Depending on factors unique to the individual, it may take up to six Kybella treatments to see optimal results. These are spaced over several weeks, allowing us to determine progress before additional treatments are performed.

How long will it take to see results from Kybella?

Because Kybella works with your body’s natural process of fat removal, it can take several months for results to be noticeable. Initial results typically begin to appear within four to six weeks.

Are the results of Kybella permanent?

Yes. Once your excess submental fat cells are destroyed by Kybella, those cells can never return. However, new fat cells can accumulate in the same area in the future, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for preserving your results.

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