Improve Your Health and Breast Aesthetics With Oncoplastic Reconstruction in Austin

Breast reconstruction can be a very important step for women who have experienced a breast cancer diagnosis. While many women choose to undergo a reconstructive procedure after they have their lumpectomy, that isn’t necessarily the only option. If you’d prefer to have the tumor removed while also restoring and improving the appearance of the affected breast(s) with only one surgical procedure, you could be a good fit for oncoplastic breast reconstruction at Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

What Is Oncoplastic Reconstruction?

Oncoplastic breast surgery is a specialized procedure that combines a lumpectomy with breast reconstruction in order to provide the patient with superior aesthetic results in a single operation. To provide an optimal outcome, oncoplastic surgery requires the cooperation of the surgical oncologist and the plastic surgeon to ensure that the procedure is both safe and successful for the patient. While the benefits of this approach can be numerous, oncoplastic breast surgery is not the best choice for every woman. Our reconstructive plastic surgeons normally perform oncoplastic breast reconstruction in cases where the lumpectomy surgery removes at least 30 grams of tissue, with a two to three-centimeter diameter of tissue removal or more. In many cases, a much larger portion of the breast is removed. This depends on the tumor size and on the patient's desired final breast size. Oncoplastic surgery then rearranges the remaining breast tissue to fill the empty space in the breast left behind by the lumpectomy. To address asymmetry between the two breasts, your surgeon can then perform a breast reduction and/or breast lift to the opposite breast. 

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What to Expect During Your Oncoplastic Reconstruction Procedure in Austin

Your oncoplastic breast reconstruction will be performed in the hospital, with both your surgical oncologist and your reconstructive plastic surgeon present for the procedure. You will be given general anesthesia that will allow you to sleep comfortably through the surgery. Incisions will first be made to remove the tumor, as the eradication of the cancer is always the top priority during an oncoplastic breast reconstruction. A healthy margin of tissue will be taken along with the tumor. In rare cases, single-dose radiation treatment may be administered during the surgery, depending on the recommendations of the oncology team. Once the lumpectomy is completed, your reconstructive plastic surgeon will begin the reconstruction and reduction and/or lift portion of the surgery. Using the same incisions when possible, your plastic surgeon will reshape the remaining breast tissue to fill any area of deformity and bring symmetry to the two breasts. If necessary, your surgeon will remove loose skin and excess tissue or perform liposuction of the lateral chest fullness to create a smooth, shapely breast contour.

Oncoplastic Reconstruction Recovery

Depending on the extent of surgical correction you need, you may be able to go home a few hours after surgery, but you may need to spend the night in the hospital before returning home. You will be given a prescription for pain medication to keep you comfortable during the early days of recovery and a surgical bra to provide proper support to the breasts as they heal.

In addition, your plastic surgeon will give you post-operative instructions to minimize swelling, increase comfort, and limit potential complications during the first week or two after surgery.

Most patients can gradually start to resume their normal routines approximately two weeks after oncoplastic reconstruction. However, you’ll need to wait at least six weeks to engage in strenuous exercise or physical activity. Swelling typically takes two weeks or longer to subside before you can see the full results of your oncoplastic breast reconstruction. Your breasts should appear perkier and more youthful as they will be positioned slightly higher on the chest wall. The shape will settle over several weeks or months. You may also notice a smoother, more natural shape to the breasts. The results of your procedure should be long-lasting, even if you undergo radiation therapy after your surgery.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Oncoplastic Reconstruction?

Oncoplastic breast surgery is recommended for women who are undergoing a lumpectomy and would like to incorporate a lift or reduction of the breast into the procedure. You could be an ideal candidate for oncoplastic breast reconstruction in Austin, TX with our team if you meet the following criteria:

  • A lumpectomy is required to remove your cancerous tumor
  • Your breasts have experienced ptosis (sagging), or you feel that they are too large
  • Only one tumor is present, and it is not near the nipple
  • You prefer to take care of your lumpectomy and breast reconstruction in only one procedure

Our reconstructive plastic surgeons are experts in the full range of breast reconstruction options and will work closely with your surgical oncologist and medical team to determine the right type of reconstruction for you.

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Why Choose Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for Your Oncoplastic Reconstruction in Austin?

Oncoplastic breast reconstruction is a complex procedure that can have a massive impact on your life in both the short and long term. To ensure that your surgery goes smoothly and delivers the high-quality results you deserve, it’s essential for it to be performed by a qualified surgeon. At Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, our skilled reconstructive surgeons have successfully performed over 6,000 breast reconstruction procedures. We take great pride in helping women dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis get back to feeling confident and beautiful, and our team consistently provides personalized, natural-looking results. If you’re ready to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert surgeons, contact our office today.

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