Application of Embrace® Scar Therapy

What is Embrace® Scar Therapy?

For patients with thick, raised, visible scars after surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Fisher may recommend Embrace® Scar Therapy, a dressing containing medical-grade silicone. Embrace® may be used on practically any part of the body to reduce the appearance of scars, including surgical scars resulting from breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery of the breast and body. It works through the combined efforts of Stress-ShieldTechnology and top-quality, medical-grade silicone to deliver active tension relief below the surface and throughout multiple layers of skin.

How is Embrace® Applied?

Application of Embrace® is simple, pain free, and easy for patients and/or caregivers to learn how to apply. At Dr. Fisher’s office, we typically apply the first one to two treatments in the office in order to provide proper instruction on application. The rest of the treatments are typically applied at home by the patient and/or caregiver. Embrace® is typically applied every 12 days, with 10 days of therapy followed by two days of rest before re-applying. The number of applications can vary by the patient.

How To: Application of Embrace® by Dr. Fisher

Once you’re home, you can follow along with Dr. Fisher’s video on Embrace® application if you need a refresher. For additional application instructions for other parts of the body, check out the Embrace® application and removal videos on YouTube.

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