Achieve Your Dream Figure With Liposuction in Austin

Few things are more frustrating than working your butt off in the gym and maintaining a healthy diet only to be stuck with stubborn pockets of excess fat. Even if you succeed in losing weight, fat bulges tend to stick around in certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, necks, and buttocks. Because attaining a slim, youthful figure can be so challenging, there’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of help. If you’re interested in a safe way to thoroughly eliminate one or more excess fat deposits from your body, liposuction at Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery could be an ideal solution.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to remove pockets of stubborn excess fat from various areas of the body. By eliminating fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise, the procedure can help patients re-contour parts of their figure and improve their bodily proportions.

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How Is Liposuction Performed?

Most liposuction procedures begin with the introduction of a tumescent fluid beneath the skin. Infiltrating the surgical area with an anesthetic and a vasoconstrictor prevents discomfort and reduces bleeding. One of our skilled surgeons then inserts a cannula through a tiny incision and moves it back and forth gently. This movement, along with the selected technology, loosens fatty deposits so they can be safely suctioned from the body.

Two liposuction techniques are available in our office: power-assisted liposuction (PAL) and VASER liposuction. The power-assisted cannula vibrates at its tip, accelerating the breakdown of fat cells. VASER liposuction loosens fat using controlled ultrasound energy. Each liposuction method facilitates a gentle fat-removal process and smooth, natural-looking results.

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Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction performed by one of our expert plastic surgeons can provide you with all of the following benefits:

  • Elimination of stubborn, excess fat in numerous areas of the body
  • A slimmer, more toned physique
  • Improved bodily proportions
  • Increased wardrobe options
  • Improved mobility and athletic performance
  • Permanent, natural-looking results
  • Improved self-confidence and self-image

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What to Expect During Your Liposuction Procedure

Before your liposuction procedure, you’ll first need to sit down for a private consultation with one of our skilled plastic surgeons. They’ll evaluate your health, medical history, and aesthetic goals to determine if the surgery will be a safe and effective option for you. You’ll then work together to devise a personalized treatment plan, and your surgeon will give you detailed instructions to prepare for the procedure.

On the day of your surgery, you’ll first be administered either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your surgeon will start by making one or more small incisions in the targeted area. Next, they will use either a power-assisted cannula or an ultrasound device to loosen the fat cells in the area. When the fat has been liquefied, the surgeon will be able to smoothly suction it out of your body through a cannula using a surgical vacuum. After that, they’ll close the incision(s) with sutures and apply bandaging to the area. After the procedure, you’ll need to remain at the facility for an hour or two for monitoring. You can then have a friend or family member drive you home.

What Is the Recovery Like After Liposuction?

Most patients need to take anywhere from a few days to a week off work after undergoing liposuction surgery. Additionally, you’ll need to wear a special compression garment 24 hours a day for around three weeks, then only at night for another three weeks. During your recovery, you can expect to experience some swelling, bruising, and soreness, and you shouldn’t engage in strenuous physical activity for at least three to four weeks.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Adults looking to eliminate one or more excess fat deposits could be good candidates for liposuction. The best candidates for the procedure are dealing with stubborn fat that has been resistant to dieting and exercise. To be an ideal candidate for liposuction in Austin, it’s also important that you’re in good physical health, relatively close to your ideal weight, and not currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, you should be a non-smoker, have realistic expectations, and understand that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure.

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Why Choose Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for Liposuction in Austin?

At Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we have a team of renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeons who believe in compassionate, patient-centric care. Our highly awarded surgeons take pride in helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals by providing high-quality, natural-looking results. They take the time to form connections with their patients and understand their unique needs, allowing them to consistently provide personalized care and custom-tailored results. If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer or scheduling your initial consultation, simply contact our office today at (512) 815-0123.

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Liposuction FAQ

Is liposuction safe?

How long does liposuction take?

Is liposuction a weight loss procedure?

Are the results of liposuction permanent?

Is liposuction safe?

Like any surgical procedure, liposuction does come with certain risks. However, it is generally considered to be a very safe procedure, and at Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, our surgeons always practice precision and attention to detail to ensure the health and safety of the patient.

How long does liposuction take?

Depending on the area of the body being treated and the amount of excess fat being targeted, liposuction can typically take anywhere from one to three hours to complete.

Is liposuction a weight loss procedure?

Although liposuction does remove stubborn fat deposits, it should not be viewed as a weight loss procedure. Usually, the amount of weight lost during the surgery is minimal. Plus, to maintain the results of liposuction, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Are the results of liposuction permanent?

The fat cells removed during liposuction are gone for good, and they’ll never return. However, the procedure does not prevent new fat cells from accumulating in the area, which is why it’s so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want your results to be permanent.

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