Achieve a More Balanced Appearance With Breast Asymmetry Correction in Austin

Breast asymmetry is a very common phenomenon in which a woman’s breasts are slightly different sizes or shaped differently. In truth, most women experience breast asymmetry to some degree, but for a smaller number of individuals, the difference between breasts can be significantly more noticeable, causing them to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Plus, this issue can make it more difficult to find flattering clothing. If you’re interested in improving the symmetry of your breasts, you may want to consider breast asymmetry correction surgery at Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

What Is Breast Asymmetry Correction?

Breast asymmetry correction is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to improve the symmetry, balance, and proportions of the breasts. The goal of breast asymmetry surgery is to create a more appealing and attractive balance in terms of size and shape between a woman’s breasts. Breast asymmetry treatment can involve augmentation of both breasts using differently sized implants, a breast lift or reduction, or a combination of augmentation and reduction or lifting.

Benefits of Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry correction surgery is a transformative procedure that can provide the following benefits:

  • More even breast shape and size
  • More balanced and symmetrical breasts
  • Improved bodily proportions
  • Enhanced breast volume and lift
  • Increased wardrobe options
  • Improved self-confidence and self-image
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What to Expect During Your Breast Asymmetry Correction Procedure

If you’re interested in breast asymmetry correction, the first step will be to sit down for a one-on-one consultation with one of our female plastic surgeons. She will examine your breasts and ask you questions about what you’re hoping to achieve with the procedure. With this information in mind, she will discuss your different treatment options with you and work with you to create a plan that’s custom-tailored to your specific goals.

Your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia, administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. Incisions will be made either in the breast crease or around the areola, depending on which will give you the best aesthetic result.

If a reduction in one or both of your breasts is performed, your surgeon will excise the excess breast tissue at this time, providing you with a more balanced breast appearance. The procedure may also involve a breast lift and/or the insertion of customized breast implants.

After all necessary aspects of your surgery have been performed, your incisions will be closed with internal sutures, and bandages will be applied as necessary. You’ll need to stay at our on-site surgical center for monitoring for a couple of hours, after which you can have a friend or family member give you a ride home.

What Is the Recovery Like After Breast Asymmetry Correction?

Immediately after surgery, you will notice some tenderness, swelling, and bruising in the surgical area. These symptoms are normal and will fade during the first week. Any pain you might experience will be well-managed with medication. You will want to rest as much as possible throughout your recovery and especially during your first few days at home. You should also stay hydrated, maintain a nutritious diet, and take regular light walks around your home.

After about 10 days, you can begin to resume your typical routine but will need to continue to avoid more strenuous activities, such as heavy lifting or sports, for at least three or four weeks. Additionally, you may need to wear a surgical support bra for several weeks to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Asymmetry Correction?

Women who aren’t satisfied with the balance and proportions of their breasts could be good candidates for breast asymmetry correction in Austin with our team. Women can develop breast asymmetry for a variety of reasons, including aging, weight changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and even trauma to the breasts.

During your initial consultation, one of our knowledgeable surgeons will help you determine if breast asymmetry correction is right for you. Ideal candidates for the procedure should be in good physical health, not be currently pregnant or nursing, and be non-smokers.

Why Choose Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for Breast Asymmetry Correction in Austin?

Women in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas would be hard-pressed to find more well-qualified and caring supporters of their desire to look and feel great than the all-female plastic surgery and patient care team at Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. As plastic surgeons specializing in reconstructive breast and body procedures, our doctors understand precisely what a healthy and attractive breast appearance means to a woman, and they strive to help realize each patient’s ideal look so that they can express their inner confidence. If you’re ready to take the next step toward feeling more confident and attractive in your own skin, contact us today at (512) 815-0123 to schedule a consultation.

Breast Asymmetry Correction FAQ

How long does breast asymmetry correction surgery take?

Does breast asymmetry correction involve breast implants?

Are the results of breast asymmetry correction permanent?

How long does breast asymmetry correction surgery take?

In most cases, the breast asymmetry correction procedure will take around one to two hours. However, depending on the specifics of what you’re having done, the surgery can sometimes take as long as four hours to complete.

Does breast asymmetry correction involve breast implants?

It’s not uncommon for breast asymmetry correction surgery to involve the use of customized breast implants. If it’s necessary to enhance the size and/or shape of one of your breasts to improve your breast symmetry, an implant may be used to achieve this. However, if your procedure is instead focused on reducing the size of one of your breasts, then an implant will not be required.

Are the results of breast asymmetry correction permanent?

Yes, the results of breast asymmetry correction are long-lasting and often permanent. That said, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for the longevity of the results, as the appearance of your breasts can still be impacted by weight gain and other bodily changes.

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