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Aging, pregnancy, nursing and weight change can cause your breasts to sag and appear deflated over time. These developments can profoundly impact your appearance and your self-confidence, as well as the fit of your clothing. If you are trying to hide your breasts under baggy clothing or avoiding the beach or pool because of embarrassment over your upper body profile, surgery may be the right solution for you. A mastopexy or breast lift can reshape and restore volume to your breasts so you look and feel more youthful.

As a mother, Dr. Christine Fisher understands all too well how changes to the breasts can affect a woman's appearance and self-esteem. She and her team of female professionals strive to make sure every patient that comes to their office looking for breast enhancement receives the personalized care necessary to ensure that she has a positive experience and to get superior results. Call (512) 815-0123 today to schedule your breast lift consultation with Dr. Fisher!

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Contact Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to set up a consultation to learn more about breast lift surgery in Austin, TX. Call (512) 815-0123 or send a message online.

Why Should You Consider a Breast Lift?

Youthful breasts tend to be perky and prominent, but skin can stretch over time as gravity pulls the breasts downward, causing them to point toward the ground instead of outward and upward. Significant fluctuations in size can also cause sagging as breasts lose volume—such as after massive weight loss or when a baby no longer nurses—but the excess skin remains, leading to loose, floppy-looking breasts.

Each woman has her own reasons for wanting to choose a breast lift, but the surgery is a common choice for patients who want to regain confidence and be able to wear bras and tops that look and feel good—not just clothes that support sagging breasts. We understands that this is a particular problem for mothers, who may enjoy motherhood but not the toll it takes on their bodies.

A breast lift is a practical option for women who are in generally good health, are nonsmokers, have finished having children, and have a desire to restore youthful perkiness to their breasts. The surgery addresses the following concerns:

  • Breasts that droop and sag, a problem known as ptosis
  • Breasts that have lost their youthful volume and adopted a deflated appearance, especially in the upper breast
  • Nipples that point downward or sit low on the breast beneath the breast crease
  • Areolas that have stretched and enlarged, creating a matronly appearance
  • Loose skin hanging from the sides of the breasts that exacerbates the sagging effect
  • One breast that hangs lower than the other

For some patients, the addition of breast augmentation using a breast implant may be necessary to achieve the desired results, but for many, a youthful and full breast shape can be achieved with a lift alone. Patients with heavy, pendulous breasts may also opt to have a reduction at the same time as the lift to create a smaller, more proportionate breast size. We will assess your personal situation to help you create the right surgical plan for you to obtain your aesthetic goals best.

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Restoring Youth and Confidence

Sagging, deflated breasts can make you look older than you feel. By reestablishing the position of the breasts, we can also help restore self-confidence. In fact, a breast lift may be performed alone or in conjunction with a tummy tuck—a combination procedure often referred to as a "Mommy Makeover". Our team prefers to think of this surgery as "post-maternity reconstructive surgery" because it restores both the form and function of a woman's body. You will still look like you, only a more refreshed, youthful version of you—perhaps how you looked before you had children. Plus you will enjoy benefits like a strengthened abdominal wall through repair of the gap between the abdominal muscles (diastasis rectus hernia).

Your Breast Lift Surgery Experience

The breast lift process begins with an appointment to meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss your goals. You will have numerous follow-up visits after surgery, and we are available for questions every day. The process is complete when you come in for your final follow-up appointment. These steps will ensure a positive experience, safe operation and an optimal outcome.

Your Initial Breast Lift Consultation

During your initial consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss your personal goals so that your procedure is customized to you. Your surgeon will also review and discuss your full medical history to ensure surgery will be safe for you. You will have the opportunity to share your concerns and ask any questions you may have so that you feel confident in your decision to move forward with your breast lift once the consultation is over. However, if additional questions arise, you are always welcome to contact our office or meet with our staff again prior to your surgery date. Our goal is to be sure you are comfortable with your surgical choice and fully prepared for your procedure before your surgery day arrives.

The Day of Your Breast Lift Surgery

Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery performs breast lift surgery under general anesthesia. We will begin by creating an incision around your areola and often vertically down the lower center of the breast. This technique is known as a "lollipop" incision and is the most common option for breast lift procedures. If the breast is wide and hangs low, an additional correction may be required. When a reduction takes place at the time of a lift, an additional horizontal incision may be made along the crease underneath the breast to improve the breast shape. If less correction is needed, your surgeon may be able to achieve the results you want with the incision around the areola alone.

The incisions allow your surgeon to access to trim away excess, loose skin while shifting the fullness of the breast upward. The nipple will also be repositioned when appropriate to create a natural look on your newly lifted breasts. If implants will be placed, they can also be put into the breast pocket at this time, using the same incisions to minimize post-surgical scarring. A reduction can also be performed simultaneously as the lift to produce the complete results with just one surgery.

Breast lifts usually take one to two hours to complete, depending on the amount of correction required and whether you will have other procedures done at the same time. After reshaping and lifting your breasts, the incisions will be closed with layers of absorbable hidden sutures and sealed with surgical tape or medical glue. You will wake up in surgical bra, which provides ample support while the breasts heal. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, but you will need someone to drive you home and remain with you for the first day to make sure the initial portion of your recovery proceeds without complications.

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Download Our Breast Reconstruction Post-Operative Care Guides

We've compiled detailed post-operative care instructions to best equip our breast reconstruction patients throughout their recovery process. To ensure the best and safest recovery, your plan encompasses appropriate prescriptions and clear directions towards maintaining your comfort to get you back to normal life and activity as soon as possible. Individual patients respond uniquely, and the type of procedure may differ, but these basic guidelines will help you along your journey.

Possible Risks

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, a breast lift is a safe surgical procedure. However, similar to other surgical procedures, there are risks involved. These include:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Scarring.
  • Undesired aesthetic result.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Recovery and Long-Lasting Results

You will have some bruising, swelling and discomfort after your breast lift, but we will provide you with medication and instructions to keep those side effects to a minimum. Patients usually return to work within a week, as long as their jobs are not overly strenuous. Light activity like walking can be resumed in two weeks and regular aerobic exercise within four weeks to give the breasts time to fully heal. We will be monitoring your recovery process through regular follow-up appointments and will advise you on whether this timeline should be modified based on your healing progress.

All surgery results in a scar along the incision. Scars tend to vary from person to person, depending on genetics, race and skin condition. Other factors that affect the appearance of scars include incision placement, suturing and the best evidence-based practices in postoperative care. Austin Plastic & Reconstrucive Surgery utilizes all these techniques, taking care to place incisions in the right locations and use precise suturing methods to ensure optimal aesthetic results in your postoperative scarring. You can also speak with your surgeon about post-surgery aftercare recommendations to further reduce the appearance of scars. Some options include the use of Embrace® Scar Therapy, topical silicone ointment, silicone scar treatment sheets, laser therapies, and sunblock use.

The Body You Had, The Body You Want

Changes to the breasts and the rest of your body are inevitable, particularly after you have experienced childbirth and breastfeeding. Even the natural process of aging can produce loose skin and sagging breasts over time. Fortunately, you don't have to just accept those changes as a part of life. Today, breast lift procedures allow women to restore their bodies to their pre-pregnancy state by repositioning the breasts on the chest wall to create a more youthful, perkier upper body profile.

As experts in all types of breast enhancement and reconstructive procedures, Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery's surgeons have the training and experience to provide you with a safe and successful breast lift result. They will take plenty of time to discuss your concerns and goals to ensure your expectations are met through your surgery. With a team of professional women to offer support and guidance along the way, you are sure to receive the highest level of care throughout your breast lift process.

Make the Most of Your Breast Lift in Austin, TX

A breast lift may be performed alone or with a tummy tuck as part of what is often referred to as a "Mommy Makeover." Our team prefers to think of this combination of procedures as "post-maternity reconstructive surgery," because it restores both the form and function of a woman's body.

Patient Testimonial

"Dr.Fisher is extraordinary, she shines far above all the rest! This is coming from someone that works in a hospital that has won The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, so needless to say I have had my fair share of interactions with doctors, NP and nurses. Recently I was also a cancer patient, and I thought I was getting "VIP" treatment since I work with the doctors and would see them in the halls of the hospital but boy was I wrong. Dr. Fisher is an example of really being treated as a VIP patient; I couldn't have asked for a better doctor and team! Not only is she kind and compassionate, but she is great at what she does. I couldn't be happier; she did such an extraordinary job with my breast reconstruction, reduction and lift." - D.A.

Breast Lift vs. Augmentation

Breast lifts and augmentation are not the same. A breast lift can lift and reposition your breasts while an augmentation will increase the size of your breasts using implants. Some women choose to have both procedures performed at the same time, however, you should be close your goal weight and be done with family planning. Pregnancy changes the shape of your breasts, so if you are planning on having more children, it is best to wait until your family is complete before having a breast lift.

Who Should Avoid a Breast Lift

Patients who are still breastfeeding or still family planning should avoid having a breast lift. Patients who have unrealistic expectations about what a breast lift can accomplish should also hold off having a breast lift until they have further discussions with one of our skilled plastic surgeons.


Who Is an Ideal Candidate Lift?

Ideal candidates for a breast lift are patients who have finished expanding their families and are no longer breastfeeding. They should also be close to their ideal weight.

Can I Combine a Breast Lift With Augmentation?

Yes, both procedures can be performed at the same time to ensure you reach your aesthetic goals. During consultation, you can inquire about other surgical procedures you are interested in. Together, you and your plastic surgeon can decide whether combining multiple treatments is the right decision for you.

Will I Have Scars?

Yes, you will have scars after a breast lift. However, they will fade over time, and there are other non-invasive laser therapies that can reduce their appearance.

Schedule Your Breast Lift Consultation In Austin, TX!

Contact our experienced plastic surgery team today to learn more about the breast lift procedure. Our all-female team of plastic surgeons can help you determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure, and can offer you the latest techniques for beautiful, natural-looking results! Dial (512) 815-0123 today or fill out the form in our contact page.

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To find out more about breast lift surgery in Austin, TX—or any other breast shaping options—send us a message or call our office at (512) 815-0123 to schedule a consultation.

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