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By age 40, the elastic fibers in the skin and the underlying deep structures of the face begin to lose elasticity and sag. While the extent of facial aging is influenced by factors such as genetics, weight change, smoking, stress, and sun exposure, the appearance of facial aging is inevitable. However, there are many options for surgical and non-surgical facelifts from Austin Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, all designed to address the underlying causes.

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Why Should You Consider a Facelift?

Tissues that begin to sag on the face can cause contours to change, leading to the development of jowls and tired eyes with a boxy, deflated facial appearance. This can make you look older than you feel. If you want to restore a youthful, rested facial appearance, a facelift may be a good option.

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Your Facelift Experience

A consultation with Dr. Christine Fisher will allow her to assess your face and learn what you are hoping for in terms of results. For younger patients, she may recommend a liquid facelift, which is a customized combination of non-surgical procedures that tighten, lift, and smooth out the skin on the face. This approach often includes BOTOX® Cosmetic and one or two different fillers, and perhaps a Halo™ laser treatment.

While a liquid facelift is a great first step in eradicating the early signs of aging—such as fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of volume in the cheek area—it is less effective at combating the sagging jowls, deep nasal folds, and excess skin that result from the gradual degeneration of the deeper structures in your face. A surgical facelift addresses the actual underlying causes.

To perform a facelift surgery, it begins by making short incisions in your hairline, behind your ears, and hidden inside the ear. Through these openings, she lifts and restores a youthful tautness to the deep muscles of the face and removes excess skin to subtly tighten what is there. Keeping the incision predominately inside the front of the ear results in little to no visible scar. The goal of any facelift procedure is to make you look younger, more rested, and completely natural.

This and other cosmetic procedures can be performed in an accredited outpatient surgical facility. During your recovery, we recommend one week of rest and a second week of light activity at home. You can expect some mild bruising and swelling, but these effects should resolve within the first few weeks. Patients can return to work as soon as three weeks post-surgery and may resume cardiovascular exercise after four weeks.

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Download Our Cosmetic Surgery Post-Operative Care Guides

We've compiled detailed post-operative care instructions to best equip our cosmetic surgery patients throughout their recovery process. To ensure the best and safest recovery, your plan encompasses appropriate prescriptions and clear directions towards maintaining your comfort to get you back to normal life and activity as soon as possible. Individual patients respond uniquely, and the type of procedure may differ, but these basic guidelines will help you along your journey.

Make the Most of Your Facelift

Patients who choose facelift surgery often consider other procedures as well so their entire face can have an overall look of rejuvenation. An eyelid lift can address drooping upper lids or sagging lower lids while a brow lift reduces the appearance of forehead lines and a look of heaviness above the eyes. Fat grafting, which makes use of your own fat taken from elsewhere on the body by liposuction, can be used to add volume where needed and refine results.

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To find out more about a facelift, or any other facial surgery procedures or related treatments, send us a message or call our office at (512) 815-0123 to schedule a consultation.

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