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Forever Clear® BBL

Forever Clear® Broad Band Light Treatments at Austin Cosmetic Medspa in Austin, TX

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. It affects an estimated 50 million people every year. Over 95 percent of teenagers and young adults will deal with acne at some point in their young lives. There are quite a few misconceptions about the causes of acne, but it comes down to bacteria multiplying in clogged sebaceous glands. To lessen acne breakouts, you need to reduce the P. acne bacteria causing the inflammation. That’s what our Forever Clear® Broad Band Light (BBL) treatment does at Austin Cosmetic Medspa.

What Causes Acne?

Despite its prevalence, the causes of acne are still somewhat of a mystery. There is also a good deal of misinformation out there. It’s believed that acne results from a combination of factors. In teenagers, the primary cause is the rise in the male sex hormone androgen, which increases in both sexes during puberty. When androgen levels rise, the sebaceous glands enlarge and produce more oil. This oil production is normal and is the way our skin and hair are lubricated and stay moist. But overproduction of oil in the sebaceous glands can lead to the glands becoming clogged. When this happens, the P. acnes bacteria that are common in the hair follicles (the location of the sebaceous glands) begin to multiply.

This causes inflammation of the follicle resulting in a breakout. Different people have different sensitivity to this inflammation. In one teen such inflammation may lead to a pimple or two while in others it may trigger a full breakout.

Genetics also play a role. Some people are simply more prone to the condition. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can trigger acne outbreaks, even if you got off easy as a teenager. Certain cosmetics and medications cause breakouts for some people. Friction and heat from sports helmets can cause what is known as acne mechanica.

In adults, full breakouts are rare, as the androgen levels have returned to normal. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and other times can lead to breakouts. And when a hair follicle clogs due to oil or dead skin cells it can lead to the development of an isolated pimple or two.

Does Diet or Personal Hygiene Cause or Affect Acne?

This is the largest bit of misinformation about acne. Food choices, such as chocolate, greasy French fries, potato chips, and the like have nothing to do with acne. These foods have no effect on the sebaceous glands clogging due to oil production. Research has not shown any connection between food and acne.

There is also the incorrect assumption that personal hygiene can cause acne, but dirty skin and acne are not related. It was long thought that aggressive scrubbing of the skin would open pores and improve acne. Actually, the opposite is true. Scrubbing and using harsh treatments irritates the skin and can make acne worse.

What is Forever Clear BBL treatment?

Forever Clear® BBL is a cutting-edge acne treatment that uses the power of broad band light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without topical creams or prescription medications. This treatment destroys acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and redness, and makes way for clear, healthy skin for both teenage and adult acne.

How does the Forever Clear BBL acne treatment work?

Broadband light is the most powerful form of intense pulsed light (IPL). The Forever Clear® BBL device delivers light energy deep into the skin to clear acne, stimulate production of new skin cells, and improve overall skin texture and health.

Forever Clear® BBL treatments consist of three steps:

  • Step 1 — Skin is first treated with blue broad band light. This light penetrates the sebaceous glands found at the base of the hair follicles. There it kills the bacteria in these clogged glands.
  • Step 2 — Next, the skin is treated with yellow BBL. This light wavelength works to reduce inflammation and acne-associated redness. This calms and improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Step 3 — The final step is delivery of infrared BBL in rapid, gentle pulses. This initiates the body’s natural healing process, enhancing the benefits from the blue and yellow light applications above.

What are the benefits of Forever Clear BBL treatments?

At Austin Cosmetic Medspa, our patients have found Forever Clear® BBL treatments to be very effective for reducing their acne breakouts, calming their inflammation, and improving the skin tone and quality.

Forever Clear BBL™…

  • Decreases acne breakouts
  • Prevents acne scarring
  • Improves color clarity
  • Improves skin tone and texture

What can I expect during a Forever Clear BBL treatment?

These treatments at our Gabriel Street offices are easy to take. They typically take about 30 minutes. When the broad band light is pulsed down onto the acne-prone areas you will feel minor warmth and the sensation akin to a small rubber band snap with each pulse. These are painless, and there isn’t any recovery when you’re done.

How many Forever Clear BBL treatments will I need?

These treatments work best in series, as they keep the production of bacteria in check. At Austin Cosmetic Medspa we’ve found our patients experience the best results with a series of about six treatments, each spaced two weeks apart. While this can vary with the patient, multiple treatments are needed for maximum effectiveness. Once you've completed your series, one to three treatments per year are usually recommended to maintain your clear skin.

How long will it take to see results from Forever Clear BBL acne treatment?

You’ll see real changes in your acne beginning two weeks after your first treatment. These results will continue to improve as your skin calms with each subsequent session. At 12 weeks, you should realize your maximum results. From here, maintenance treatments one to three times per year will help you to maintain your results.

How long can I expect my results from Forever Clear BBL to last?

Acne varies from patient to patient. In some patients, once their heavy breakouts are brought under control by destroying the P. acnes bacteria, their acne never gets out of control again. Other patients, however, see their acne change more wildly, mirroring their hormone fluctuation.

Most acne patients will require maintenance treatments with Forever Clear® BBL to head off future breakouts before they become overly inflamed. We also recommend light chemical peels and our clinical HydraFacial® for ongoing acne reduction.

Your Forever Clear® BBL Consultation at Austin Cosmetic Medspa

Our medspa providers have decades of experience in medical-grade skincare treatments and products for acne. Consultations are always complimentary. Call us to schedule your acne-reduction consult at (512) 815-0123, or send us a message online.

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