Frequently asked question about the neck lift procedure

cropped view of beautiful young naked woman touching neck One of the places where the earliest signs of aging are present is that of the neck. The skin on the neck is extremely thin and delicate and is susceptible to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles that add to an aged appearance. With the use of a neck lift at Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Austin, TX area patients can obtain a more youthful look while tightening and firming the skin underneath the chin and jaw.

We are pleased to offer the neck lift procedure as a way to combat the signs of aging, and below are some of the more common questions out team fields from potential patients:

What is the neck lift?

The neck lift is a procedure that removes excess skin and tightens the skin and underlying tissue to provide a firmer, more youthful look. It reduces and even eliminates some fine lines and wrinkles that are commonly spotted underneath the chin and jaw.

What can the neck lift address?

Some of the more common issues resolved with the neck lift procedure include:

  • Neck wrinkles or neck “bands”
  • Excess fat deposits
  • Platysma (weak or displaced muscles)
  • Loose, sagging skin

What type of scarring is left behind from this procedure?

As with many facial and body procedures, Drs. Christine Fisher and Silvia Kurtovic are always looking for incision areas to reduce the noticeable appearance of scarring. With a neck lift, the incisions may be submental incisions underneath the chin or postauricular incisions behind the ear. By doing this, the scarring is hidden in the hairline or where fewer people will notice under the chin.

What is the recovery like following the neck lift procedure?

Most patients will want to take about one week off of work while being attentive to the post-operative care instructions given by our team. Following these post-operative instructions reduces the risk of infection and other complications. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities after clearance from their plastic surgeon.

Learn more about the neck lift with Drs. Christine Fisher and Silvia Kurtovic

Austin, TX area patients who are considering solutions such as the neck lift surgery are welcome to book a consultation visit with our doctors at Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The office is located at 2905 San Gabriel Street, Suite #100 and can be reached to book an appointment at 512-815-0123.

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