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With age, the skin tends to lose its firmness, elasticity, and vibrancy. Several factors can influence these changes, including sun exposure, diet, and lifestyle habits. Laser skin resurfacing has been a popular approach to skin rejuvenation for several years. Historically, though, lasers have been relatively aggressive. Patients faced risks like infection and prolonged redness and needed to schedule at least a week off work to allow their skin to recover. Today, we have much more conservative laser devices to achieve outstanding results with minimal downtime. We are proud to offer Halo laser skin resurfacing to help our patients look and feel their best.

What Is Halo Treatment?

The Halo laser is unique in that it uses two different types of lasers to address multiple facets of the skin at once. It's got an ablative laser setting that quickly vaporizes damaged tissue on the epidermis, as well as a non-ablative laser that penetrates deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen regeneration. The ablative laser corrects textural irregularities and can reduce pore size. Non-ablative laser energy can reach the dermis to break up pigmentation caused by sun damage and also stimulate collagen proliferation for more comprehensive tissue recovery.

What Does the Halo Laser Treat?

The Halo Laser is safe for a variety of skin types & skin tones, even many darker skin tones. Halo precisely targets mild to severe skin damage to your face, neck, hands, and décolletage, including:

  • Discoloration caused by sun damage
  • Freckles, Brown spots,  and other hyperpigmentation
  • Visible signs of aging like fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor skin texture
  • Mild to moderate scarring

Every person's skin is unique, as are their needs. The Halo laser allows us to create a customized treatment plan to fit those needs, as well as the patient's lifestyle and preferences regarding downtime.

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Does Halo Tighten Skin?

The Halo laser treatment is not designed for skin tightening. However, many patients do notice that their skin looks and feels tighter at some point after their procedure. The reason that this occurs is that the ablative aspect of the treatment stimulates collagen production in the dermis, and collagen remodeling subtly rebuilds the skin's firm foundation.

Am I a Good Candidate for Halo Treatment?

Halo's hybrid technology makes it a good treatment option for a wide range of adults. The procedure is not suitable for women who are pregnant, nor for people with a chronic or active illness. Patients who have recently used isotretinoin or retinoid products should talk to their provider regarding the most appropriate timing for Halo laser treatment.

Does Halo Laser Treatment Hurt?

The Halo laser procedure is performed after a topical numbing cream has been applied to the skin. This is left on for 30 to 60 minutes before the skin is cleansed and treatment begins. The laser effectively treats the skin in 30 minutes or less, in most cases. Comfort is also managed via a built-in cooling device kept on during the procedure. Finally, after treatment is done, the provider may apply a restorative solution to help the skin recover quickly and optimally.

How Many Halo Sessions Will I Need?

Because Halo treatments can be customized, the number of treatments a patient has is largely up to them. The device has adjustable settings that allow us to treat concerns more or less aggressively. The stronger the treatment (within its safety parameters), the more dramatic tissue remodeling we can achieve. More conservative treatments still get great results but may require additional sessions to correct more significant signs of aging or sun damage. Some patients are completely satisfied with the results of just one Halo treatment. Others prefer to schedule two to four sessions to achieve maximum tissue rejuvenation.

When Will I See Results After Halo Laser Treatment?

After Halo laser treatment, the skin must be protected from sun exposure for at least 24 hours. Depending on the intensity of the treatment, the skin may appear red, swollen, and flaky. Peeling may occur but should be light. Two to three days after the procedure, the skin may look slightly bronzed before it begins to flake and peel. By day five, the initial results of the resurfacing treatment can be seen. Improvements continue to build over several months, revealing more radiant, smooth, resilient skin.

How Long Do the Results of Halo Last?

The results of customized Halo laser treatment can last years. Patients may enhance or prolong the rejuvenating effects of their treatment with good skin care, daily sun protection, and ancillary treatments performed every so often. Examples include radiofrequency treatments, chemical peels, or other laser or light procedures that accelerate cellular turnover and tissue regeneration.

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