How a thigh lift can improve contours

istock 1179516175 Both men and women who have excess, sagging skin on the body might find themselves feeling extremely self-conscious when they are wearing clothing that does not cover them in all the right areas. Sagging skin can become a source of embarrassment. Fortunately, there are ways for patients to tighten and tone their body’s contours, including the popular thigh lift procedure.

What is a thigh lift?

Dr. Christine Fisher of Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery describe the thigh lift as a procedure used to reshape the thighs with the reduction or removal of excess fat and skin. In doing this, the patient will have a tighter thigh area that cannot be achieved with diet and exercise. This difficult, troublesome areas for patients can be addressed with this procedure to achieve firmer, tighter skin in the area that eliminates sagging that results from extensive weight loss or aging.

How does the thigh lift improve contours?

Many patients are looking for procedures aimed at reducing excess fat and skin to specifically improve the contours of particular areas of the body. The thigh area is difficult to address with an active lifestyle and improved diet. This is why it is offered at Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as a body contouring option. The thigh lift is done in a way to reduce the appearance of scarring for a more natural, finished look when complete. It may also be done in conjunction with liposuction for the removal of fat, but skin removal is key to ensuring the best possible results.

Who is a good candidate for a thigh lift?

  • Adult patients over the age of 18
  • Patients who have reached a stable weight within their appropriate BMI
  • Healthy individuals with no medical conditions that increase the risks of surgery
  • Patients who do not smoke
  • Patients who have realistic goals and expectations with plastic surgery procedure

Discuss your needs with Dr. Christine Fisher

Austin, Texas area patients interested in the thigh lift procedure can schedule a consultation visit with our team to find out if they are an appropriate candidate for this or other surgical interventions available. Call 512-815-0123 to request an appointment and discuss your specific needs with our team at 2905 San Gabriel Street, Suite #100.

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