How Sleep Is Vital After Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery sleep You’ve already known sleep is vital, from hearing about the 8-hour sweet spot to being educated about the importance of sleep by your own body when you feel sluggish and disoriented after a bad night’s sleep. But, inadequate sleep doesn’t just impact your day-to-day. After surgery of any kind, including plastic surgery or cosmetic surgeries, sleep plays an important factor in recovery and maybe a secret tool to getting back to your typical life! Keep reading about how sleep, and especially a lack of it, can impact your post-operation life.

Can Surgery Impact Sleep?

Even though you may feel fatigued after surgery; unfortunately, there are reported cases of postoperative insomnia. These problems arise due to a variety of factors but some common ones include: Residual effects of anesthesia, pain and discomfort, a departure from typical routine, and even psychological issues stemming from the change from surgery. Knowing about these factors and communicating with your doctor ahead of time can give you the adequate tools to better anticipate and manage your postoperative sleep situation!

How Sleep Is Imperative To Recovery 

When doctors prescribe rest, they aren’t kidding! Some studies suggest adequate, plentiful sleep can not only lead to recovery but even boost recovery times by some 25-100%! Sleep plays a critical role in recovery in a variety of ways:

    • Pain Reduction
      • Any surgery is bound to have some pain or discomfort surrounding it, which is why sleep and the endorphins or natural painkillers released during it can be so helpful!
    • Inflammation Reduction
      • An inflammatory response is a natural method your body undergoes healing, however not only can this not be the cosmetic state you want to be in, it can also be uncomfortable! Sleep helps the body focus on the inflammatory response and reduce the duration and intensity of the swelling!
    • Increased Collagen Production

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