What to expect from male breast reduction

Handsome young man's torso Men who have been diagnosed with gynecomastia are well aware of how embarrassing the condition can be. This condition is often a cosmetic issue, causing patients to feel extremely self-conscious in the fact that they have extra breast tissue and fat. To resolve this problem, many men will attempt diet and exercise, but may find that the breasts still remain. To target this issue, it is best that patients in the Austin, TX area work with the team at Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to learn about male breast reduction procedures that can flatten the chest and eliminate excess tissues.

What is male breast reduction surgery?

The gynecomastia surgery is an aesthetic procedure performed on men with excess tissue and fat in the breast area. It is the best treatment for gynecomastia, allowing men to remove this and any extra skin to tighten and contour the chest.

What causes gynecomastia?

There are several reasons why a male adult may deal with this condition. Gynecomastia causes may include:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Obesity or significant weight fluctuations
  • Steroid use
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Marijuana use

What happens during male breast reduction surgery?

Patients who undergo male breast reduction surgery will have a consultation appointment with Drs. Christine Fisher and Silvia Kurtovic to determine if they are an appropriate candidate and to discuss cost. Once patients have chosen to move forward with male breast reduction surgery, they schedule a surgical date. Patients are locally anesthetized and offered sedation during the procedure. The doctor will remove excess fat and tissue manually or with liposuction, and then remove any extra skin if the gynecomastia is more severe. If needed, the nipple and areola may be repositioned or resized for aesthetic purposes. Patients can expect some downtime and recovery after their procedure, and will be given post-operative instructions to follow closely to reduce the risk of complications such as infection.

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Austin, TX area residents who are interested in facial and body procedures such as male breast reduction can call 512-815-0123 to request a consultation at 2905 San Gabriel Street, Suite #100. Drs. Christine Fisher and Silvia Kurtovic are here to provide surgical and nonsurgical solutions for new and returning patients ready to work with an experienced team.

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