Many women who have experienced breast cancer or other physical changes to their breasts may need to have breast reconstruction surgery to look and feel their best. This can be great for a woman’s self-confidence following trauma or cancer. The doctors at Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can help Austin, TX, area women achieve a more feminine body after breast removal with breast reconstruction procedures. Continue reading to learn more!

What happens during breast reconstruction surgery?

During breast reconstruction surgery, a plastic surgeon will use either implants or your own tissue to recreate a breast shape. The specific techniques used will depend on your unique situation and preferences. Some common techniques include using an implant or tissue from the back, abdomen, or buttocks to build a new breast mound. The nipple and areola may also be recreated using skin grafts or tattooing.

How long is recovery after breast reconstruction surgery?

Recovery time varies for each individual, but you can typically resume normal activities within a few weeks. It’s important to have realistic expectations and understand that the reconstructed breast may not look or feel exactly like your natural breast did. However, many women report feeling restored confidence and a sense of wholeness after undergoing breast reconstruction surgery.

How do I care for myself after breast reconstruction surgery?

Your surgeon will provide specific post-surgical care instructions, but in general, it’s important to rest and avoid strenuous activities during the initial healing period. Your surgeon may also prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to help with discomfort and prevent infection. Follow-up appointments with your surgeon will ensure proper healing and allow for any necessary adjustments.

You must also manage your emotional recovery, which may involve seeking support from family, friends, or a therapist. Many women find comfort and strength in connecting with other breast cancer survivors or joining a support group. Remember that breast reconstruction is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong way to feel about your experience. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally as you adjust to your new body.

How do I learn more about breast reconstruction surgery?

If you reside in the area of Austin, TX, and want to speak to a professional provider about the benefits of breast reconstruction surgery and what to expect, call 888-263-8503 to request a consultation visit. We are open to new and returning patients interested in facial and body procedures in the area.

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