Summertime can be harsh on the skin. UV damage and wrinkles from sun exposure, rosacea from hypersensitivity, breakouts from sweating, and dryness from dehydration are common issues during the summer months in Texas when we’re spending a lot of time. It may be time to stop and evaluate the effectiveness of your skincare routine, and perhaps make some adjustments.

You’re probably already cleansing, rinsing, and hydrating on repeat — morning and night, religiously — but may still have issues with clogged pores, acne, irritation, sun damage, or dryness. You’re already doing what you know you should do to maintain a daily skincare regimen at home. But if you’re hoping to maximize your complexion’s health and beauty over the long term, perhaps it’s time to treat your skin with something more.

A monthly facial can help. Monthly facials have an array of benefits that just may change your life — not only the quality and appearance of your epidermis, but the way you feel in your own skin. With our customizable facials, Austin Cosmetic MedSpa can provide you with our patients call a “transformative” experience. Our skincare experts understand the physiology of skin inside and out, and are specially trained to help you discover the unique combination of treatments that would serve you best.

Why is a monthly custom facial at Austin Cosmetic MedSpa a must-have if you’re serious about your skin? Let’s consider some reasons below.


Yes, that at-home skin regimen you’re currently doing does provide nutrients and hydration, but it’s possible to take these benefits to the next level with regular facials. Think of it as a way to enhance your skincare routine that’s already in place. For example, at-home skin cleansers and exfoliators tend to have more superficial effects, while professional-grade skincare designed to be administered by a licensed professional provides deeper cleansing and exfoliating benefits. With a monthly facial, you’ll be able to refresh your face by effectively removing dead skin cells and toxins that have built up over time.

Our most popular facial is our Clinical Facial because it focuses on providing a deep cleanse, resulting in a glowing rejuvenation with virtually no downtime. Enzymes, acids and nutrients are applied to the skin, and pores are cleared of debris to give your face a clean slate. Best of all, our licensed aesthetician Katie Bertling can tailor this facial to your skin’s needs.


We all know that facials are a great way to revitalize your complexion, but they’re also a fantastic way to treat some of the medical issues that may arise in your skin. These may be concerns that aren’t caused by a poor daily skincare routine, but instead are seemingly beyond your control. Skin that’s prone to acne, rosacea or hypersensitivity is a great candidate for a monthly facial. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, inflammation and redness can be improved and even controlled with the help of a monthly facial. By regularly treating these facial imperfections with targeted solutions, our aesthetician can help heal your skin with long-lasting results.

In particular, our Oxygen Facial makes use of a precise amount of oxygen to nourish and invigorate the skin and diminish the appearance of redness. This facial also stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the protein that makes skin elastic, minimizes wrinkles and gives the skin an overall more youthful appearance. The skin naturally loses its supply of collagen over time, and a monthly facial can help slow this loss. We also offer the Teen Facial, designed for teenagers and adults alike who struggle with clogged pores and stubborn breakouts.


A visit with the cosmetic professionals at Austin Cosmetic MedSpa will not only help your skin improve, but give you useful insights into how you can maintain the integrity of your skin. We’re able to customize a skincare routine that is safe and effective for your skin type, age, lifestyle and concerns, whether you’re seeking to improve visible scarring, acne, rosacea, sun damage, wrinkles or other skin imperfections.

During a complimentary skincare consultation, our medspa experts can provide you with personalized product recommendations to improve your skin at home and maintain the benefits of your monthly facials between treatments. Having your daily skincare routine assessed by a professional can help ensure you’re not using products that are contributing to your concerns, or wasting money on products that aren’t helpful for your skin. We offer many take-home skincare products that you can incorporate into your routine to support your skin in between monthly facials.


And, of course, having a facial simply feels fabulous. Everyone could use a little help relieving the pressures caused by work, school, children and other daily stressors. A monthly facial is a pampering bit of “you time” that you can use to soothe away the tensions that have built up over the weeks, or reward yourself for a job well done. By the end of your treatment, you’ll walk out with buttery-smooth skin and a soul that feels replenished.

For the ultimate indulgence, we recommend the more luxurious version of our Clinical Facial: The Deluxe Custom Facial. The Deluxe Custom Facial is an all-inclusive and fully customizable treatment that not only addresses issues with pores, lines, dehydration and/or acne, but is also incredibly relaxing. The deep massage that comes with this facial improves circulation and helps you unwind.


Monthly maintenance with a skincare professional ensures you are giving your skin the best possible care against aging, but not all facials are created equal in service or in safety. At Austin Cosmetic MedSpa, we offer a number of outstanding facial treatments using medical-grade ingredients that can be customized to your unique circumstances. Our facials are performed by licensed aesthetician Katie Bertling who brings a decade of experience in medical aesthetics to our medspa. She is certified in multiple skin rejuvenation techniques and can help you discover the most beneficial facial for your complexion. She can also recommend complementary treatments to maximize your results.

If you’d like to explore our comprehensive menu of customizable skincare treatments or would like to learn more about the importance of a monthly facial, please give us a call at 512-815-0123 or contact us here.

Christine Fisher MD

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