Facial procedures available at Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Beauty Woman face Portrait close up Want to enhance your appearance quickly and easily with minimally invasive procedures and nonsurgical treatments? The doctors of Austin Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery may recommend a combination of procedures that can be performed on the face.

What procedures are available for facial enhancement?

With facial plastic surgeries, men and women will have a series of treatment tailored to their needs. A customized treatment plan may include any of the following procedures:

  • Eyelid surgery – blepharoplasty is often used on patients who have sagging eyelids or bags underneath the eyes that contribute to an aged or tired appearance. With eyelid surgery, patients can significantly change the way they look while turning back the hands of time.
  • Browlift – drooping or sagging brows can make patients look tired or angry. With the browlift procedure, incisions are made discretely along the hair line to lift the skin and smooth away wrinkles and folds on the forehead. The upper third of the face can be significantly improved with this treatment, which eliminates the need for a full facelift surgery.
  • Scar revision – patients who have scarring on the face from previous surgeries, trauma, or even acne can smooth the skin and reduce their appearance with specialized procedures performed by our team.
  • Volume restoration – volume restoration may be achieved with the use of dermal fillers and other injectables known for stimulating collagen and elastin. This in turn achieves more volume where it is needed to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and add volume to sunken cheeks.
  • Skin rejuvenation treatments – with special laser devices, patients can improve the skin’s appearance, addressing poor texture and tone. Patients with redness, age spots, or fine lines and wrinkles may see dramatic changes when using laser treatments to rejuvenate the skin.

Are you ready for a facial refresh?

Plastic surgery can be performed in such a way that it looks natural and doesn’t leave behind noticeable scarring or telltale signs. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, patients can achieve results that boost their self-confidence and help them look younger. If you are interested in the facial cosmetic surgeries, connect with our qualified providers today!

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